Keychain (key fob) Wristlet - Summer Sun


Effortlessly keep track of your keys with this Key Fob Wristlet in Summer Sun with NEW golden hardware Perfect for on-the-go errands, gym trips, and grocery runs. Available in fun fabrics, this wristlet makes a unique and easy gift for teachers, coworkers, and friends!

Matching Bandana here:  Dog Bandana 

Keyfob Wristlets are made to support the weight of your keys, please do not use this as a support for anything heavier than an average keychain.


Pattern placement will vary with each wristlet, no two are identical. 
** Standard- fabric measurement 1 inch wide, approximately 6 inches long(not including attached key ring) 

These fobs are made with and include:
** high quality cotton that is 4 layers thick
** sturdy double interfacing for shape and durability 
** color- “gun-black” (a medium grey) metal alloy  hardware
** split key ring
** Holds keys, USB drives, and ID cards- made to attach to a normal set of keys and worn around your wrist or fingers(mini size)