Key Fob Wristlet - Palm Springs


Meant to wear around your wrist for holding your keys (or for mini size-through fingers or as a chain)- Wristlet Key Fobs are not only practical and cute, but Aspen and Co.  key fobs wristlets are a great way to help you keep from putting your keys on sales counters, counter tops, etc, and leaving your hands free for applying sanitizer or entering your car.

Keep your hands key-free while walking your dogs, getting groceries, holding your child's hand, etc, AND easily find your keys at the bottom of your bags.

** Standard- fabric measurement 1 inch wide, approximately 6 inches long(not including attached key ring)

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Not only can you treat yourself and help keep safe, but these are great gifts for dog walkers, dog sitters, babysitters, students, teachers, etc!

These fobs are made with and include:
** cotton that is 4 layers thick
** interfacing for shape
** color- “gun-black” hardware
** split key ring
** Holds keys, USB drives, and ID cards- made to attach to a normal set of keys and worn around your wrist or fingers(mini size)