Skeleton-Glow in the Dark- Dog Bandana

$17.00 $22.00


Each bandana is handmade, and 2 layers, made in Southern California and finished with an Aspen and Co. tag. This bandana is a lightweight 100% cotton, 2 layered print and comes with snaps. 

Want to add a personalized name to your bandana don't forget to go to the add-on section here : BANDANA PERSONALIZATION

PRODUCT CARE-we recommend spot cleaning/hand cleaning your items as needed. Do not iron buckles, snaps, or clips. 

SIZE CHART INCLUDED IN PHOTOS- All of these bandanas come with a snap so that you can choose whether to tie on or snap on or both! If your dog is at the peak of the neck size we recommend sizing up. 

Glow in the Dark Info - These bandanas contain glow in the dark fabric pigments, they do not contain any batteries or electronic elements. The pigmented fabric requires exposure to a light source to activate, either sunlight or indoor lighting are effective at activating these pigments (this means your dog can wear the bandana through the day and glow at night). If you live in an environment that doesn't have bright sunny windows or may be dark, the collar may not receive enough light to glow. Easy fix, pop it into a well lit room with a lamp!  Once charged enough, the glow in the green skeletons is best observed in a dark space/area.