Aspen and Co., the handmade, Southern California premium dog boutique, has been featured in Vogue magazine for the second time. This is no small feat for a small business, but Aspen and Co. is not your average dog boutique.

What sets Aspen and Co. apart?

Aspen and Co. has a lot planned for this year and we cannot wait to unveil what we've been working on. With our sustainable handmade products, attention to detail, personalization, and commitment to quality, Aspen and Co. has carved out a niche for ourselves in the pet industry. Aspen and Co. was the first pet boutique to carry a collection based on mental health and to open the conversation in a representative way of overall health including your furry best friend. Our products are not just accessories for your furry friends; they reflect the craftsmanship, love and care that goes into each piece.


What does this mean for Aspen and Co.?

Being featured in Vogue for the second time is a huge accomplishment for Aspen and Co. What validates our hard work first and foremost is our customers and the joy they get when dressing their best friends, and wearing Aspen and Co. themselves. Being in Vogue, not only validates our hard work and dedication but also opens up new opportunities for our brand. With increased visibility and recognition, Aspen and Co. hopes to reach even greater heights in the pet industry.

So, if you're looking for unique, handmade accessories for your furry friend, look no further than Aspen and Co. The brand that Vogue magazine hand-selected! 

Vogue Magazine Dog Bandana Custom Dog Bandana
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Aspen and Co